“The Centre is clean and teachers are very friendly. Location of Centre is convenient for me as there are ample carpark spaces for drop-off and pick-up, including a rain shelter. Academy Kidz encourages positive children interaction. The overall atmosphere at the Centre is relaxed and conducive to free activity and healthy development. Children enjoy one another, smile at each other, hold hands, hug, and help each other ...” Mother of Kai Ling and Eu Jin


“One of the best in terms of physical environment, bright, colourful and spacious classrooms, in comparison to child-care centres using landed houses, which are normally dark and jail-like ... Small teacher – children ratio compared to many other childcare centres. Particularly impressed with my daughter’s knowledge of Science, which I think other schools do not focus so much. The teachers are good in inculcating moral values to my children. Academy Kidz has an added advantage.”  Mother of Dawn and Dwayne


“My husband and I have witnessed an undeniable positive change in our boy. He has become so much more self-confident and his speech and locomotive skills have also improved vastly. Your patience with Jeremy has also allowed him to learn many useful and social developmental skills. Your approach towards childcare has worked in a special way ... my son enjoys going to school daily so much, that he has spared us the woes of tantrum-throwing and fussing. I find this remarkable, and with this note, I hope to encourage every Teacher there to keep up the great work and the important roles in positively moulding our precious son. With grateful thanks!” Mother of Jeremy


“ Being an experienced Teacher myself, I have always praised the Curriculum, and admired the LOVE and DEDICATION that is displayed by your staff members. Academy Kidz has set high teaching standards and ensures that children are able to absorb what is taught. I feel confident that my child got the best learning, caring and friendly environment. My child walked away with confidence and great social skills that would help with transitioning to a new level of education. Many thanks!” Mother of Rohan


“Thanks so much for helping Ryan settle into school. I am glad you have such a great team of loving and dedicated teachers. He is learning so much now and is so much more sociable than before. Thanks for all you have done. And I’m sure he will miss all of you when he leaves for USA.” Mother of Ryan


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